Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lost Lake Family Trip on September 6th

After giving some thought and research to the challenge of a great hiking/fishing trip, I've decided that Lost Lake on Mt. Hood is the place to go! It's quite a drive to get there, but the lake is beautiful and there are a variety of trails we can choose from. I'm posting a link to the site so you can read more about it. There's an easy 3.2 mile loop around the lake and some more challenging trails as well.

We'll need to leave at 8:30 from the Happy Valley ALC campus--or meet us at Mt. Mocha in Sandy at 9. No trail pass needed, men, kids and dogs are welcome! Fishing licenses (and bait) can be purchased at the general store. Paddle boats and canoes are available to rent, as well. So bring extra $$ if you'd like to do that.

Bring a picnic lunch and plan on spending most of the day in the beautiful spot. Even if you forget your sunscreen, the store has all necessary supplies. Bring fishing gear--I couldn't find anywhere on the website where it said what kind of fish you'll be catching. But light gear should work, and we can get what we need at the store.
Email me if you have questions/suggestions: