Saturday, October 13, 2007

Eagle Creek Hike: November 3rd

This is an easy 4.2 mile hike to Punchbowl Falls, with only a 400 ft. elevation gain. Read more about it at:

The trail starts along the creek but soon climbs well above it along a slope of cedars and mossy maples. Look for yellow monkeyflowers and curving fronds of maidenhair fern overhanging the path. After 0.8 mile the trail traverses a cliff with cables as handrails. At the 1.5-mile mark several short side trails to the right lead down to a viewpoint of 100-foot Metlako Falls in the distance.

Continue on the main trail 0.3 mile to a ridge-end junction with the Lower Punchbowl Trail, a 0.2-mile side trail down to a broad, 15-foot falls with a bedrock bank suitable for sunbathing. Hike upstream to a gravel beach to peer ahead to picturesque, 30-foot Punchbowl Falls in a huge, mossy rock bowl.

As usual, meet at the church at 9:00 am. Bring lunch, water, layers, money for gas and trail pass (Usuall $6 is enough). Because this trail is very steep in parts, dogs aren't recommended on this hike. Scout says sorry to all her pals!

I (Shawn) will be in Alaska for this hike, but contact Bonnie Moore if you have any questions. 503-492-1411. Bonnie will email every one on my list if there's a change in plans. To get on the Extreme Women email list, contact me at:

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Angel's Rest (Oct. 6 2007 hike)

Top picture is Coopey Falls. The next picture down is the top of Angel's Rest from the trail. The next one down is fall leaves on the trail. The next one down is looking toward The Gorge. The bottom picture is looking toward Portland. I usually get a group shot but not this time :-( The day started gray and dry and by the time I got to the top I could see the rain coming, so I took my pictures and ate some of my lunch and we started on our way down. Nice hike, well worth the work. I would do it again and stay longer on the top. This hike was a moderate 4.6 mile hike with a 1500 foot elevation gain.