Saturday, December 22, 2007

Coed SnowShoe on January 5th

Lindsay and I checked out the Glacier View SnoPark this week. It's just a few miles west of Government Camp right off 26.

There are lots of trails to choose from, shared by snowshoers and cross-country skiers. The trails are fairly level--not much elevation gain--but the day we went the snow was fresh and deep and the going was definitely slow! But very enjoyable, of course ;)

This is a good trail for beginners or folks with experience. Guys are welcome--this time!

Let's meet at the church at 9:00 as usual--BUT you need to have you equipment already rented. You can get snowshoes and poles at Joes, Sportsmans Warehouse . . . I haven't checked REI yet. If you plan on driving up, snow tires are advised and a SnoPark pass is required. But we can stop and get the passes on the way up.

We most likely won't be stopping for lunch (although there was a semi-buried picnic table at the trailhead). So bring things to snack on while we hike. We'll hit my favorite coffee place in Welches on the return drive.

Some comfort hints: Wear boots or shoes that are waterproof. I sprayed my hiking boots with Scotchgard and they worked fine. I wear two pairs of socks--it's easy to get blisters when snowshoeing. Bring and extra pair--and some bandaids--just in case.

Sunglasses are good if the sun is shining--there can be quite the glare off the snow.

Wear layers. Lindsay and I were all bundled up at the start of our trek, but had removed our coats and gloves about half-way into it, we'd worked up such a sweat.

Scout loves to snowshoe, but I went out and bought her a sweater and may get her booties after this last trip. There was so much fresh snow (and she bounds around in it so much), that she had several extra pounds of snow attached to her by the end of our hike. It slowed her down and she looked kind of miserable. So if you plan on bringing your pooch, take that into consideration.

You all have a merry Christmas! Let me know if you think you'll join us on the snow shoe!


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

December 1st hike: Wildwood trail to Pittock Mansion

Hey ladies! This is a great hike to do during the Christmas season. We start at the zoo and head up Wildwood trail to historic Pittock Mansion. Here's some info on the trail:

It's a moderate, 7 mile loop to the Pittock Mansion and back. The Pittock Mansion was built in 1909-14 by Oregonian editor Henry L. Pittock.

Dogs are welcome, but at one point the trail crosses Burnside which has lots of traffic. There's also a gift shop at the mansion which should be open on Saturdays. Tours of the mansion are $7 and are conducted from 11 to 4 daily.

If you are interested in touring the mansion, let me know. or call 503-415-0206

Let's meet at the church at 9. Bring sack lunch and drinks, although it might be too cold and windy to sit down and enjoy lunch once we get to the top. We'll definitely stop for something hot to drink on the way home. We'll just need money for gas, since I don't think there's a fee to park at the zoo.

Tip: the trail can be muddy in places. Dog owners might want to bring towels for clean-up purposes.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Eagle Creek Hike: November 3rd

This is an easy 4.2 mile hike to Punchbowl Falls, with only a 400 ft. elevation gain. Read more about it at:

The trail starts along the creek but soon climbs well above it along a slope of cedars and mossy maples. Look for yellow monkeyflowers and curving fronds of maidenhair fern overhanging the path. After 0.8 mile the trail traverses a cliff with cables as handrails. At the 1.5-mile mark several short side trails to the right lead down to a viewpoint of 100-foot Metlako Falls in the distance.

Continue on the main trail 0.3 mile to a ridge-end junction with the Lower Punchbowl Trail, a 0.2-mile side trail down to a broad, 15-foot falls with a bedrock bank suitable for sunbathing. Hike upstream to a gravel beach to peer ahead to picturesque, 30-foot Punchbowl Falls in a huge, mossy rock bowl.

As usual, meet at the church at 9:00 am. Bring lunch, water, layers, money for gas and trail pass (Usuall $6 is enough). Because this trail is very steep in parts, dogs aren't recommended on this hike. Scout says sorry to all her pals!

I (Shawn) will be in Alaska for this hike, but contact Bonnie Moore if you have any questions. 503-492-1411. Bonnie will email every one on my list if there's a change in plans. To get on the Extreme Women email list, contact me at:

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Angel's Rest (Oct. 6 2007 hike)

Top picture is Coopey Falls. The next picture down is the top of Angel's Rest from the trail. The next one down is fall leaves on the trail. The next one down is looking toward The Gorge. The bottom picture is looking toward Portland. I usually get a group shot but not this time :-( The day started gray and dry and by the time I got to the top I could see the rain coming, so I took my pictures and ate some of my lunch and we started on our way down. Nice hike, well worth the work. I would do it again and stay longer on the top. This hike was a moderate 4.6 mile hike with a 1500 foot elevation gain.